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Ft Imran
Aug 02, 2022
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To ring the bell, and two new faces, Mo Yunwen and Lin Weiyi. Ke Jiayan once won the queen in "Must Marry a Woman" in 2016, and Tianxin was recognized in "My Perfect Man" in 2011. Yang Jinhua's hard-working performance in "Mirror Forest" and her superb acting skills also won her the favor of the admiralty judges again. Ke Jiayan plays two roles in "Want to See You", which is regarded as a hit at the Golden Bell Awards, and interprets the high school students who are not inconsistent, as well as multiple roles such as time travel and soul possession. The relationship is intricate and telemarketing list not out of order. You can see various performance levels, and the acting is flexible. She once described the feeling of performing "Want to See You" as "exhausting the love of my life", and considered it to be her masterpiece of love drama. The rich script rhyme and complex storyline also made Ke Jiayan's acting skills evolve again and won the award probability is not low. Taiwan drama wants to see you for a group photo with the main actors Photo Credit: WebMD Tian Xin was nominated as a ace lawyer with a tough personality and a 100% winning rate in "Best Interest". She evolved from an idol to an actress with acting skills, and was shortlisted for the first time she played the role of a lawyer. This is her third time competing for Admiralty. very strong. Yang Jinhua was shortlisted for heroines in "The Queen of the Lost Dog" and "A Hand of Green", but she did not win the award, especially when she was shortlisted for "A Hand of Green" that year was Ke Jiayan. This year, Yang Jinhua showed a profound expression of deep throbbing and inner struggle. Appearance, the two faced off again, and the result was quite expected.
Yang Jinhua, who has been shortlisted 5 times before but failed content media
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