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Jun 19, 2022
In Welcome to the Forum
Move more resources. KOL is a key breaking point for new recruits. Although category email list it may take a lot of energy, if you do it well, you will be able to leverage more resources to participate, so these experiences are completely worthwhile. It's the same whether a company or a mature company has a new product. Drain traffic from existing mature platforms The category email list number of KOLs in the field is not large, and it is difficult for startups without endorsement; Sometimes the product target field is small, there is no category email list mature forum, or it is difficult to find fan groups to mix in; after using the above two methods, the number of seed users Still less, product won't start, what to do? At this time, you can find seed users from mature traffic pools such as WeChat and Weibo. You can manually search on Weibo, send private category email list messages, or advertise on public accounts in vertical fields, and send soft articles... Take Mafengwo as an example , their seed users are invited category email list from users who like to share travel experience and travel experience on Weibo. Diversion from existing products This trick is suitable for Internet companies that already have mature products. It is easy to understand without further explanation. However, the problem that needs to be paid attention to category email list is that the traffic cannot be diverted at will, and the quantity and quality of torrent users must be controlled.
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akter topi

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